André Müller, Dipl.-Phys.

Müller, André

High Performance Computing
Academic Staff Member


Portrait Müller, André


Research Interests

  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Packing & Layout Optimization, Geometric Algorithms
  • Metagenomic Short Read Classification
  • C++ Library Design
  • Generic Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Parallelization Techniques


Current: Bioinformatics DSLs with Hardware Accelerator Support (using AnyDSL/Impala)

Packing & Layout Optimization

Benchmark results for various packing problem instances

Metagenomic Read Mapping


GitHub Repositories: C++ generic programming utilities, C++ numeric classes & utilities, some useful C++ generic containers

Teaching Materials

Collection of (some of) my C++ Learning & Teaching Materials

I aimed at providing a broad, yet not too shallow overview of the C++ programming language (originally for people with a beginner level Java or Python background). If you find any bug please drop me an e-mail. The stuff is for personal use only and may not be used in a commercial context without my permission.


  • WT 2018: 1-week C++ Crash Course
  • WT 2016: 1-week C++ Crash Course
  • ST 2016: Exercises for "Programming Languages"
  • ST 2015: 1-week C++ Crash Course
  • WT 2014/15 Exercises for "Data Structures and Efficient Algorithms", Lecture on AVL Trees
  • ST 2014: Exercises, Tutorial & Lecture Sessions on C++ for "Programming Languages"
  • ST 2014: 1-week "C++ Crash Course" for Java/Python Programmers
  • WT 2013/14 Exercises & Tutorial for "Data Structures and Efficient Algorithms"
  • ST 2013 Exercises, Tutorial & Lecture Sessions on C++ for "Programming Languages"
  • WT 2012/13: Tutor for "Data Structures and Efficient Algorithms"
  • ST 2012: Exercises & Tutorial for "Programming Languages"
  • WT 2011/12: Exercises & Tutorial for "Databases II"
  • ST 2011: Exercises & Tutorial for "Databases I"


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