Thesis Topics

We are currently offering a number of topics for suitable BSc, MSc (Computer Science or Bioinformatics) students.
Furthermore, other topics might be available based on request and suitability.

Possible topics:
DTW library for popular data science and machine learning frameworksB.Sc.
Identifying atmospheric fronts using the dynamic state index (DSI) on GPUsB.Sc.
Massively Parallel Random Number Generation using ANS on GPUsB.Sc.
Parallel Run-length Decoding on GPUsB.Sc.
Benchmarking deep learning tools on bioinformatics dataB.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik
Accelerating Secure Multiparty Computation using Tensor CoresB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Approximate membership query filters on GPUsB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Big Integer Arithmetic with CUDAB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Evaluating Distributed Shared Memory (DSEM) on Hopper GPUsB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Improving Polynomial Multiplication for Homomorphic Encryption on GPUsB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Parallelizing Lyndon Factorization on GPUsB.Sc. | M.Sc.
Benchmarking of Metagenomic classification toolsB.Sc. | M.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik
Error correction with gaps in next-generation sequencing dataB.Sc. | M.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik
Improving network architecture for deep learning on metagenomic classificationB.Sc. | M.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik
Parallel hash table based similarity search for long sequencing readsB.Sc. | M.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik
Fine-tuning LLMs on bioinformatics data for pattern recognitionM.Sc.
Multi-dimensional time series motif discovery on GPUsM.Sc.
Optimizing LLM inference on Grace Hopper GPU systemsM.Sc.
Weather front prediction using Transformer ModelsM.Sc.
Metagenomics with long readsM.Sc. | angewandte Bioinformatik