Thesis Topics

We are currently offering a number of topics for suitable BSc, MSc (Computer Science or Bioinformatics) students. Furthermore, other topics might be available based on request and suitability.

Possible topics:
  • Suffix Tree Construction on DGX-Systems (MSc)
  • Sparse Matrix Multiplication on modern multi-GPU systems (MSc)
  • Denovo Genome Assembly on GPUs (MSc)
  • New Imputation Method for scRNA-Seq Data (MSc Bioinformatics)
  • Parallelizing tSNE for scRNA-seq Data (MSc)
  • Multi-dimensional FFT on DGX-Systems (BSc)
  • CUDA-accelerated SoftDTW (BSc)
  • Improving Communication Primitives for Multi-GPU Systems (BSc)
  • Boolean Matrix Factorization using MPI (BSc)
  • Improving Error Correction Methods for Next-Generation Sequencing (MSc)
  • Improving Equi-Joins on multi-GPUs (MSc)